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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Simple Sunday - just some shots

Just some photos today - here is the view looking to the back of the cabin.
There's my bathtub on the wall, and the door to the left is to the
dumb-waiter that is lowered to the sub-basement to keep things cool.

I think there may be something wrong with my camera, but this looks a bit
blurry on the left, but this is the back of the cabin, so you can see the
size of the place in this photo. And it is built on a hill, so that is what
you see from the front, the three levels. There on the right leaning up against
the cabin is my mailbox post, someone pulled it up out of the ground
before I had a chance to put up a mailbox. So, my landlords are gonna
get it put back up and I'll then get a mailbox.
That bar across the top got into the photo - it is one arm on the
clothes line frame, but I need to get some clothes line wire for it.

Here is a photo of the woodshed, and also the outhouse, and you can't
see it, but the rope is attached to an old farm bell, just in case I run into
trouble. I don't get any cell phone reception down in the valley. My neighbors
down the valley should be able to hear me.

This is a little blurry thru the windshield of my truck - it's on the way down
the ridge into the valley where the cabin is located.

Another photo out of the windshield. This is what it looks like coming up
from the valley, onto the ridge opening, then I go thru this little bit of
wooded area to get to the main road.
Hope you enjoyed these photos today. I meant for it to be a simple
Sunday post, and it turned out more complicated than I thought.
I'm getting online mainly at my friend's home, so I don't have to
go into the public library.
Take care All - and have a blessed Sunday.
From Casey Co.


floweringmama said...

Hi Kathy in Ky... I'm Cathy in Ky, too! :-) I loved your pictures. They are gorgeous! I can only imagine autumn in your neck of the woods!!

Peggy said...

I am so excited for you!!! Thank you for sharing the photos. You are so blessed to have found such a beautiful little cabin to call home. Can't wait to read more of your adventure!

Farmchick said...

Thanks for taking the time to share this. It looks rustic, but beautiful. Glad you have that bell, for some safety.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Kathy, you are a very brave women. I believe Caroline Ingalls had more amenities than you do! Oh, my, how much snow do you usually expect in the new location? I hope you have some good snow tires or chains for RUBY. Looking forward to future posts, please take care of yourself. Fondly, Julie of Dog Trot Farm

Rural Revival said...

Kathy, I couldn't think of a more picturesque place to live. It must be so peaceful.

Hope all is going well as you settle in.

Be well ~Andrea~

BusyMomof7~Julie said...

Very Nice!! Thanks for posting these, Kathy. I've been thinking about you, it's neat to see where you are. Have a great week.