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I am a country girl stuck in the city, for the time-being. I enjoy the country way of life, and practice that in my home as best I can by canning and preserving foods, cooking and baking from scratch, crocheting, living vicariously thru the many blogs I follow about country life. I enjoy learning about raising livestock, and glean from my past employment and personal experiences of working with animals to fuel some of my postings. I have 5 cats, who keep my life interesting. And I am also an amateur poet. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this Farmer-gal who is caught in town, for now.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Simple Silent Sunday

A photo from fotosearch.com of a view I am seeing often since I moved to Casey Co.

Have a peaceful-blessed Sunday, Ya'll.
Take care.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet the Neighbors

These gals and guys are my company most days. I like to sit outside in the rocking chair on the front porch, and it is so quiet that I can hear them pulling the grass up with their mouths. You will see that the pasture looks very highly grazed. The Mennonite young man who takes care of my neighbors comes everyday and moves them to new pasture. So this area is part of an intensive grazing system. Sometimes they get out of their fence and come and visit me around the cabin. So without further ado - Meet the Neighbors.

I think I need a new digital camera - so that will go into the budget planning over the next few months. It is overcast today - but this seems really washed-out, sorry for the poor quality. Looks to me like there is a mix of dairy and beef cows - Holstein crossed with Angus, Hereford, and Charlois - a lot of the females have that bony appearance of dairy cows.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, and have a blesseed rest of the week.
Take care Ya'll, from Casey Co KY.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Silent Saturday

Early morning at the cabin in the valley - Casey Co KY

Have a blessed Saturday Ya'll

Monday, October 11, 2010

Amish America Book Giveaway

The blog Amish America is having a book giveaway on their site for a book that talks about the religious and spiritual beliefs of Amish. Here is the link to the first part of an interview that was done with the authors of the new book. Check this out, the 2 interviews are very good and informative. Hope you're all having a great day - have a wonderful and blessed Monday. Take care, from Casey Co. Here is the link:
Amish Way Book Giveaway

I'll continue over the next few days on what is happening new down here in the sticks.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Simple Sunday - just some shots

Just some photos today - here is the view looking to the back of the cabin.
There's my bathtub on the wall, and the door to the left is to the
dumb-waiter that is lowered to the sub-basement to keep things cool.

I think there may be something wrong with my camera, but this looks a bit
blurry on the left, but this is the back of the cabin, so you can see the
size of the place in this photo. And it is built on a hill, so that is what
you see from the front, the three levels. There on the right leaning up against
the cabin is my mailbox post, someone pulled it up out of the ground
before I had a chance to put up a mailbox. So, my landlords are gonna
get it put back up and I'll then get a mailbox.
That bar across the top got into the photo - it is one arm on the
clothes line frame, but I need to get some clothes line wire for it.

Here is a photo of the woodshed, and also the outhouse, and you can't
see it, but the rope is attached to an old farm bell, just in case I run into
trouble. I don't get any cell phone reception down in the valley. My neighbors
down the valley should be able to hear me.

This is a little blurry thru the windshield of my truck - it's on the way down
the ridge into the valley where the cabin is located.

Another photo out of the windshield. This is what it looks like coming up
from the valley, onto the ridge opening, then I go thru this little bit of
wooded area to get to the main road.
Hope you enjoyed these photos today. I meant for it to be a simple
Sunday post, and it turned out more complicated than I thought.
I'm getting online mainly at my friend's home, so I don't have to
go into the public library.
Take care All - and have a blessed Sunday.
From Casey Co.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A quick note without photos

The photo of the cabin from far off just makes it look big. The main floor is just 16 x 20 sq ft, and the loft is 16 x 10 sq ft. I'll take a photo from the back so you can get a better perspective. Yes, there is an outhouse, and yes I do have a chamber-pot of sorts so I don't have to go out to the "house" after dark, I just dump it in the morning. Three of the 5 cats will go out regularly when I am there, I don't let them outside when I'm not there yet. The other 2 are a little skittish, but it's just been one week.

I'm working today at my friend's farm, but will take more pics later on today to post tomorrow or so, to give a better view of the outside of the cabin. The front that I showed is the basement entrance, the main floor's porch, and then the loft's porch.

Thanks so much for your well-wishes. It is so good to hear from everyone. I miss getting online to visit with you all, although I do like the solitude of the cabin. I'll try and take some photos of the road I drive down into the valley to the home.

Better get to work. My friend is waiting. Beautiful weather here this week, and good to be working outside in the gardens. Take care All, and have a blessed Wednesday. Finally, from Casey Co KY.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My coming home move

I made it to Casey Co, and will post some pics, but not a lot of detail right now. Everything went fine with the move, finally. The guy that was supposed to load for me was stuck in FL on another move, and when he thought he would be in town, was still stuck in FL - so the move had to be changed to last Tuesday.

OK - here are some shots of the cabin and area.

This is a shot of the cabin from across the way, and that is the driveway
going up to it. That cross piece of wood by the cabin is the hitching
post for the horses when my Mennonite landlords, Mr and Mrs W 
come to visit or if someone comes to repair something.

This is a shot taken from my front porch of the stone bridge that was built
by the W family, who built the cabin for their son and his wife.

A morning shot from the front porch.
The porch faces north, and the cabin sits in a valley
so there is fog every morning, and heavy dew.

Here is the dairy barn when Mr and Mrs W's son was
trying to get into the dairy business, but was not successful.
So the buildings are not being used now, but I am hoping
that I may find some use for them in the future.

This is inside the cabin facing the back, or south.
I think you can see the staircase going up to the loft, and
there is Alpheus on the cat tree.

This is the wood cookstove with my various "tools" needed
for cooking. I have just been warming up food on the stove,
and haven't really done any cooking yet, but am planning
a trip to the grocery store today to pick up a few things.
So I will cook tonight, hopefully.

This is kind of a dark photo - but it is my cat Sarah,
and a basket of goodies, and a flowering plant that Mrs W
brought over when she and Mr W came my first day in
the cabin. They came to give me a crash-course on
lighting the wood stove, and a few other things
I needed to know.

That's all the news from here. This is kind of haphazard, I know.
And I will do a better job of it next time, and show the dumbwaiter
where I can keep items refrigerated in the sub-basement.
So, I've made it a week here, and it's been easier than
I thought it would be, but it isn't Winter yet! LOL
Oh - the outhouse does have a toilet seat, so I'm not in
jeopardy of getting any splinters! ROFL

Take care All, and I'll write more soon.
Have a blessed Tuesday.