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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet the Neighbors

These gals and guys are my company most days. I like to sit outside in the rocking chair on the front porch, and it is so quiet that I can hear them pulling the grass up with their mouths. You will see that the pasture looks very highly grazed. The Mennonite young man who takes care of my neighbors comes everyday and moves them to new pasture. So this area is part of an intensive grazing system. Sometimes they get out of their fence and come and visit me around the cabin. So without further ado - Meet the Neighbors.

I think I need a new digital camera - so that will go into the budget planning over the next few months. It is overcast today - but this seems really washed-out, sorry for the poor quality. Looks to me like there is a mix of dairy and beef cows - Holstein crossed with Angus, Hereford, and Charlois - a lot of the females have that bony appearance of dairy cows.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, and have a blesseed rest of the week.
Take care Ya'll, from Casey Co KY.


Marigold said...

I like your neighbors! Some of them are spotty like me!

Farmchick said...

Cows can make some great neighbors, I have learned. Except when you get up in the morning, look out the bathroom window, and see them munching out in the yard!!

from my front porch... said...

Hi Kathy! Oooh, what wonderful neighbors! Or should I say Moo!
You seem happy, friend :) so proud of you! xo, misha

ga.farmwoman said...

Hi Kathy,
I love your neighbors and the picture is beautiful. It is just wonderful you have such a peaceful view right off your porch.
Take care

Deb W said...

You'll need to change your header message - since you're no longer stuck in the city!! yay! (or in Fayette Co., for that matter)

Are you retired, or do you have to commute each day to an outside job?

floweringmama said...

I love those kind of neighbors! Thanks for sharing.

Sandra said...

Great post, Kathy! Think I'll steal the title "meet the neigh-bors" and write one of my own -grin-. Sent you a letter this week, hope it arrives. It was written in dribs and drabs, over a period of a few days/week with lots of news and commentary.
Hope you're doing well, stay warm and the potty thing is illegal as all get out. Everyone has to have a septic if they want to get their building approved, even in the back woods.

Rural Revival said...

Now there's some neighbours we should all be so lucky to have!

Thinking of you!