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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My coming home move

I made it to Casey Co, and will post some pics, but not a lot of detail right now. Everything went fine with the move, finally. The guy that was supposed to load for me was stuck in FL on another move, and when he thought he would be in town, was still stuck in FL - so the move had to be changed to last Tuesday.

OK - here are some shots of the cabin and area.

This is a shot of the cabin from across the way, and that is the driveway
going up to it. That cross piece of wood by the cabin is the hitching
post for the horses when my Mennonite landlords, Mr and Mrs W 
come to visit or if someone comes to repair something.

This is a shot taken from my front porch of the stone bridge that was built
by the W family, who built the cabin for their son and his wife.

A morning shot from the front porch.
The porch faces north, and the cabin sits in a valley
so there is fog every morning, and heavy dew.

Here is the dairy barn when Mr and Mrs W's son was
trying to get into the dairy business, but was not successful.
So the buildings are not being used now, but I am hoping
that I may find some use for them in the future.

This is inside the cabin facing the back, or south.
I think you can see the staircase going up to the loft, and
there is Alpheus on the cat tree.

This is the wood cookstove with my various "tools" needed
for cooking. I have just been warming up food on the stove,
and haven't really done any cooking yet, but am planning
a trip to the grocery store today to pick up a few things.
So I will cook tonight, hopefully.

This is kind of a dark photo - but it is my cat Sarah,
and a basket of goodies, and a flowering plant that Mrs W
brought over when she and Mr W came my first day in
the cabin. They came to give me a crash-course on
lighting the wood stove, and a few other things
I needed to know.

That's all the news from here. This is kind of haphazard, I know.
And I will do a better job of it next time, and show the dumbwaiter
where I can keep items refrigerated in the sub-basement.
So, I've made it a week here, and it's been easier than
I thought it would be, but it isn't Winter yet! LOL
Oh - the outhouse does have a toilet seat, so I'm not in
jeopardy of getting any splinters! ROFL

Take care All, and I'll write more soon.
Have a blessed Tuesday.


Angela said...

Looks like a beautiful place to live Kathy! No wonder you wanted to move there. I will have to say when I picture a cabin I think of a tiny little house like what the Laura Ingals lived in. lol That is a very big house. Loved the staircase and your cats are probably loving every minute of their new life there on the farm!

Have a Great Day!

affectioknit said...

WOW! That is so AWESOME! Thanks for the glimpse of your new home! It's gorgeous!

Rural Revival said...

You made it! So happy to hear you have arrived Kathy and from the looks of things, you have your bearings and will be settled in, in no time! I'm quite impressed with the cabin. It is much less rustic and is larger in size than I imagined. I love your stove!

Thanks so much for posting to let us all know that everything is going well. I know you must have a lot to do, especially with winter fast approaching.

I've been thinking of you, and just so happy to hear that all is well. Thanks for the tour, that stone bridge is a beauty!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kathy! I just love everything about your new place. The cabin(which looks big!) is beautiful. It all looks like home. I know you will be very happy there.

Good luck with it all.

Laura @ Getting There said...

Everything looks great! The cabin is lovely--two balconies, even! I look forward to seeing more pictures of this beautiful place. Congratulations on your new home!

Kent Island Red said...

I LOVE it!! Other than the cookstove, is there a woodburning stove that will heat the cabin?

clairz said...

And so begins a marvelous adventure. The "cabin" looks like way more, and the interior is beautiful. Love the stove. Your cats look like they are settling in. Your views are absolutely wonderful.

You must be pinching yourself to be sure that you aren't dreaming! I'm looking forward to the next installment.

Farmchick said...

Hey Kathy! This looks wonderful. I know you are up to the challenge that is ahead of you. I know this winter will be the toughest, but just proceed and be bold!!!

Maureen said...

The ultimate in 'getting away from it all'! Have to say that here in the UK our vision of a 'cabin' is more the small log cabin! This is lovely.

Enjoy your time in your lovely new house, I hope that you will be very happy.

sawn61 said...

Good Heavens! I never dreamed it would be such a big house. I guess I am use to the smaller Amish houses around here.As we have mentioned before, there are so many different groups of Amish and Mennonites. Their ways are so different. I'm glad you are finally getting moved in.Looking forward to possibly meeting you some day,since you are not that far from my home.

Marigold said...

My. When you said 'cabin' we had pictured well, a cabin. But, Oy, you have quite a place there!! Congratulations on getting back to the country!

Deb W said...

WOW! What a beautiful area. But, you keep referring to a cabin, so I was thinking, you know, 14'x20' cabin! That place looks huge! And beautiful!

Outhouse, huh? You might want to get a 'pot' to put under the bed for when the weather gets coooolldd!

I think I recognize that kerosene lamp in the kitchen photo. I have one just like it.

You sure have LOTS of potential in that place, barn and all - all the best to you!

Rural Rambler said...

Kathy! Wow! Like everyone else I was expecting a small rustic cabin. Looks beautiful there! I can't stop thinking of how much the kitties are going to love it, they look like they seem at home. I am glad you got you, your stuff and the kitties all there finally. Now the unpacking and finding the right place for everything. The bridge is cool and that dairy barn is awesome, very photographable(is that a word?)!

Sandra said...

Oh Kathy, my mind is SO relieved! When you said 'cabin' my thoughts went to a smallish, one, perhaps two, room affair. This home is lovely and you're doing it justice! You'll be so happy here, as will the beloved companions. God will bless you here, mightily, and bring you closer to Him and His will for you. I am SO happy with, and for, you.

Sherry and Russ Sutherby said...

Whoa~! That looks like a mansion compared to our 15 x 20! :) Glad you finally made it Kathy!! Love the hitchin' post.