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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Poem - Ode To Sarah

In the vein of today's earlier blog post of the poem,
The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams,
I've come up with my own version
Ode To Sarah
by Kathy Schanding

so much depends

a tortoise-shell

eyes closed tight
in sleep

curled on the
yarn tote
I think I could win a Pulitzer for that one!
Whaddaya think?! LOL
Take care everyone, and have a great rest
of the Wednesday evening.
From Kathy in KY.


kristi said...

I think its just perfect! Cats always seem to find the most interesting places to nap and ususally thats exactly where I want to be! And since I have 11 cats...well need I say more?LOL Oh, I my best friend is my black wheelbarrow....my chores would just not be the same without it:)

Kathy in KY said...

Kristi - you can just insert "black" instead of the "red" in the poem - it'd work! Wow! 11 cats! Did you know that to be considered a crazy cat lady, you only need 10 cats? And I'm halfway there! You're an inspiration, Miss Kristi! Take care, from KY.

Barbara said...

Such a pretty kitty, I do not have any cats at present, 2 dogs instead, I lost my beautiful Persian cat in a the fire of 1990, not had one since. Love cats though they are so in to their own self, lol and get away with it too, hugs my friend/

sawn61 said...

Your cat,Sarah,(that's my dog's name,too.)looks like a cross between my 2 cats,Minnie and Lucky.Minnie is a mix, I think between a Persian and a Calico.Lucky is a striped Tiger type.