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I am a country girl stuck in the city, for the time-being. I enjoy the country way of life, and practice that in my home as best I can by canning and preserving foods, cooking and baking from scratch, crocheting, living vicariously thru the many blogs I follow about country life. I enjoy learning about raising livestock, and glean from my past employment and personal experiences of working with animals to fuel some of my postings. I have 5 cats, who keep my life interesting. And I am also an amateur poet. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this Farmer-gal who is caught in town, for now.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What I've Learned From Cats

How to meditate on the meaning of life
That Mama's computer chair makes a better bed than anything

That yoga is not as easy as it appears
That sleeping in a sun-beam can be wonderful
That it's best to sleep with one eye half open
And lastly, sometimes one needs a break from trying to catch
bugs that are attracted to the lamp bulb

What have you learned from your animals lately?

Take care All, from KY


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hey there, Kathy in KY! I just wanted to say that you leave *the nicest blog comments*!! Thank you - they always make me smile and feel good (that's a gift to be able to do that, you know. lol)!
Your kitties are gorgeous. They all look like they've got really BIG personalities, too! :-)

Sandra said...

Hi Kathy, so glad we're following each other as I enjoy your posts greatly. You're so right about animals teaching us lessons...even when we're not watching -smile-. My life has slowed considerably, for the better, as I tend to my animals. Sometimes I forget what terrible shape the world is in because here at Thistle Cove Farm love, grace, peace and mercy are paramount though God's many blessings.

ga.farmwoman said...

Oh, those were great pictures of the cats. Lionel is stretched out right now under the ceiling fan, on his back with his feet up in the air.

I guess that is a good lesson, just Chill out!

Have a great day.

sawn61 said...

Pop and I have just recently taken in 2 small cats. We have had only a very few cats over our 32 years together. We have been catless for awhile, but found these 2 that needed to be rescued.They have brought us so much joy and laughter, watching them.I don't know if it's our age now, but we delight in such small things anymore.