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Monday, June 14, 2010

Really! How Many?

Just how many granny squares . . .

does it take . . .

to make one afghan?

OK - so I got carried away,
and kept enlarging this afghan for my Mom.

I wanted to make something for her 81st birthday.
She is in a nursing home now. Her birthday is June 29th.
Hopefully I'll get this sewn together this week,
and mail it off to my Dad.

Oh! The answer to the question is: 64!

Take care everyone, and have a great rest of the day.


Dog Trot Farm said...

I am sure your mom is going to love this beautiful afghan. I'm sure as she wraps this lovely gift around her she will feel all the love that went into it.

Kathy in KY said...

I hope so, Julie - we are no longer that close, and I've not seen my family since Christmas of 2006, for a number of reasons. I just hope she likes it, and can use it, and that it will keep her warm. Thanks for your kind words. Take care.

Marigold said...

Ah, the granny square. How well we know it here. All except me who is still waiting for a goat coat. But it will happen in due time I think. Congratulations on the afghan!

Kathy in KY said...

Marigold - I'm also working on a baby afghan of granny squares, but am getting burnt out on the squares. Ask the goatmother to use baby yarn for your goat coat - it will feel so good against your skin, and you will be the envy of all in the barnyard. Take care, from KY.