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Monday, June 21, 2010

HenPals 3-Hole Chicken Nesting Box Giveaway

Hi All:

I am blogging today about a HenPals 3-Hole Chicken Nesting Box Giveaway that is being offered on Life on a Southern Farm blog. GA FarmWoman (Pam) and her FarmMan make these nesting boxes on their farm in GA. To enter, you can just post a comment on their blog. The contest ends at midnight EST Thurs June 24th. The winner will be announced on their blog on Fri June 25th.

Pam is a great blogger, and also writes articles for the online Grit magazine once in a while. Check out some of her old posts to get to know about her, and FarmMan, and their 100 acre farm and critters. Here is the link to the Giveaway post on their blog Life on a Southern Farm 3-hole Chicken Nesting Box Giveaway

You can also follow Life on a Southern Farm on Facebook and Twitter

Take care All - and have a great week.


Sandra said...

Am visiting from Misha's front porch and love the sheep photo! Thanks for the head's up on the nesting box giveaway.

Barbara said...

Hi Kentucky lady, I have two dear friends in Van Lear, have a special place in my heart for KY.
Thought I would stop by and say hi to one of my Southern Sisters, love your blog and will be back, I am entered in the giveaway too, good one, and I have hens to put in those nesters.
Hugs my friend, Barbara from

ga.farmwoman said...

Thanks for the nice post!