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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

Andrea, over at Rural Revival had a Thrifty Thursday Link-up last week.
So, I decided to show a couple of things that I might have found
going Thrifting, but instead I got them from my Grandma's home
when my family was cleaning it out. I should say, the stool below
I got from my Grandma's house. The next piece I got
from another relative.
The stool is from my Grandpa's parents' home that used to be
on Ross Ave in Hamilton OH. I remember my Mom having
kitchen chairs that match this stool, and using them in the
basement to sort laundry on. And I think they still had
the same color paint on them. She got them when they
cleaned out her Grandparents' home after everyone
had passed on that side of the family.
The stool is pretty heavy and completely solid wood.
Trouble is that I don't know what to use it for, so it's just
sitting in my livingroom by my computer desk,
but I wouldn't trade it for the world since it belonged
to my Mom's Dad's family, and I never got to know
any of them. But before they moved to Hamilton in the
early 1900's, they were farm people from the towns
of Landeck and Delphous in Van Wert and Allen Co's, NW Ohio.
Please excuse the clutter in this next photo. I moved back in November
and am still unpacking, and will be moving again soon,
so what's the use, right?
This washstand was also from my Mom's grandparents' home
on Ross Ave in Hamilton OH. My great aunt had it at her place.
Not too sure how she ended up with it since my great aunt was on
the other side of my Mom's family - but she gave it
to me a number of years ago when I moved some of my
Grandma's furniture to KY to use in my home.
I collect stoneware pitchers, and that's what all of those
are doing on the washstand. Some are Louisville Stoneware,
some Bybee Pottery from Bybee KY, some Roseville OH
Pottery and probably made by one of my favorite potters,
Robinson Ransbottom. I found these pitchers on eBay.
And I also collect the pottery made by the M A Hadley
Company located in Louisville KY. Sometime I'll post
photos of those items. And I guess looking at the photo
there are some odds and ends pieces of pottery there as well.
I like to collect hand-thrown rustic pottery because each piece
is unique, and I like the heaviness of the rustic pieces.
Sometime I'll post about Bybee Pottery. It has been run by
the same family since before the Civil War, in the same location
in Madison County KY.

These are my treasures and mean a lot to me since they belonged
to some long gone relatives whom I only know by visiting their
grave markers at St Stephens Cemetery in Hamilton OH.
And seeing them in very old photographs. Sometime I'd like to post
some of those old photos.

Feel free to stop by Andrea's Thrifty-Thursday Link-up and post your
finds or treasures so that others can view what you have found.

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my Tuesday's Treasures.
Have a good evening. Take care, All, from KY.


Marigold said...

You could put a lot of Peanuts in those drawers and in those pitchers. A WHOLE lot.

Kathy in KY said...

Yes, Marigold - but then I'd have to get some wonderful goatees. Hmmm, you've given me some ideas! 8-)

Sandra said...

Looks like a milking stool to me, a really cute, industrial strength milking stool.
Very nice!

sawn61 said...

Something about pottery draws me, too, but I collect so much "stuff". I don't have that many pieces of pottery, but I do love it.If I entertained more, I would probably have more.I love to show off my beautiful pieces when serving a BIG family meal, and those big meals are fewer and farther between these days.It's hard to get folks together like we once did.