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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Poem for Sarah - My Tortoise-shell Queen B Kitty

This is my oldest cat, Sarah. She is 16 this year.
I picked her up at a shelter the day after Thanksgiving
in 1994. She was about 8 weeks old then.

In the Summer and Fall of 2005, I was in a Master of Fine Arts
Creative Writing program at a university here in KY.
One of my assignments was to write a rhyming poem.
And I chose to write about Sarah, and the dreams she has
while she is sleeping. She will cry and twitch.
And sometimes she will wake up with a start,
and hiss at things that aren't there.
So I wrote the following poem for her.
It's not that great as rhyming
is not one of my strong points,
but maybe you'll find it cute, anyway.

Poem for a Diluted Tortoise-shell Cat
Sarah, rest your tired head,
Jump up on my lap.
Dream is not a thing to dread,
And you can take a nap.

On your back, paws in the air,
Waking with a hiss.
Jolted up, you rise and stare.
Calm down, little miss.

Scared, my kitty lie again,
Once more go to sleep.
I will stroke away your pain,
And this promise keep.

Take care all. And have a great week.


Marigold said...

Maybe she needs some Peanuts in her life. Hey, it could help. They cause me to have nice dreams.

Kathy in KY said...

Thanks, Marigold - I hadn't thought of the great nectar of peanuts. I do have one cat, Albert, who likes peanut butter. I'll have to try that with Sarah. Thanks for the tip.

sawn61 said...

And you write poems,too? I use to dabble in that a little ,too, but haven't written any lately.It seems there are so many things I want to do ,I can't stretch my days long enough to fit it all in.