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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Way Back Wednesday - Canning Jars

I recently put an ad on Craigslist in the antiques section
for old canning jars. I want to use them to store
dry goods in the cabin in case of bugs and the dreaded
rodent of country-living -- the field mouse.

I was contacted by Maureen who is originally from Wisconsin,
I could tell by her accent. Actually I guessed Minnesota or
North Dakota - I was close. At any rate she told me that
she had about 47 old canning jars, blue and clear ones,
mostly Ball, some Atlas, and a Carbonic (I think) -
it is one of the clear ones with the wire bale.
These are some of the ones I unpacked from the boxes she brought
them to me in. She was gracious enough to pack them in
old wine bottle boxes - just perfect for my move on the 25th.

I don't know what these small bottles are unless they were used
for cream? Unless they were used somehow to can? I don't know.
These are some of the zinc and glass lids that she gave
me to go with all of the canning jars.
I probably paid too much for them. About a $1 a jar.
But I've always loved the looks of the blue Ball jars. 
And some are the old type that say Ball Perfect Mason.
I'm washing them up in the dishwasher now so that they
will be ready for me to use once I move and can
settled in enough to start putting my dry goods that are
now in plastic bags, and boxes into the jars for safe keeping.
Just wanted to share with Ya'll this great find of mine.
On a Way Back Wednesday.
Take care everyone, and have a blessed Wednesday.
From central KY - Fayette Co. 


affectioknit said...

What a lucky find! They'll be perfect at the cabin - I love the blue ones too - I only have a couple and would gladly pay $1 for more...

clairz said...

People used to bring boxes of the old jars with glass lids to our dump in New Hampshire. We had a swap shop there--the idea was that anyone could "take it, or leave it." I brought some nice ones with me when we moved to New Mexico. They are more of a rarity out West.

You've got a lovely collection. They are wonderful for storing foods.

Farmchick said...

I don't think $1 per jar was too much. Those are great. I have a few and I love those zinc lids.

sawn61 said...

Kathy, that was a steal. We go to auctions a lot, and depending on the number on some of those jars, you could have a gold mine there.You are so lucky to have found them for that.

sawn61 said...


Kathy, I ran across this site and I thought of you. Check it out.

Rural Revival said...

You got them! Yay! Beautiful pieces Kathy and you know, I've never seen those full zinc lids, just the bands that cover the glass tops, they're cool!

Yep, still commuting with Prodigal Summer. I had a two week hiatus while I was on vacation but I will be finishing up the last disc on my way home tomorrow. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks so much for the recommendation!

And hey! First thing I saw on here was a link to me. How sweet! Thank you very much my dear friend.

Now, how's the packing coming along? : )


Dog Trot Farm said...

Kathy, you got a deal and then some! I can't recall the last time I saw a canning jar with a zinc lid for $1.00. The two bottles you mentioned are indeed cream bottles, great find. Good luck with your move and have a great weekend.

from my front porch... said...

You got a deal!

And a little secret...always be on the lookout for mason jars numbered #13.
People wouldn't can with them because of the number 13. They usually broke them, and buried the glass. If you come across one, with the zinc lid, they go for around $75.00-$100.00!

I see you get the music up and running! You go girl!

xo, misha

Abbie said...

Love the look of old glass. Just beauitful.