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Monday, September 6, 2010

Now that's what I call a Granny Square

I'm working on an afghan for my niece's second baby girl who is due in December. I was working on an individual Granny Square afghan for her, but that kind of went by the way-side. So I decided to do something a little easier, and just make the afghan one big Granny Square. Below is a photo - it's about 12" square right now, and I'll probably make it 36" square - so a I'm a third finished, and want to get it finished and to my niece before I move at the end of September. Anyway - wanted to share this with you. I really like the multi-color of the yarn, and it is kinda girlie - so will fit my great-niece well, I hope.

I hope you all enjoy your Labor Day, when I hope you're free from labor.
Take care Ya'll - from Fayette Co KY.


affectioknit said...

That is so sweet and pretty! I think the BIG square is a great idea!

Laura @ Getting There said...

What beautiful, vibrant colours. I'm sure the blanket will be lovely when it's complete.

Congratulations on your upcoming move to the country--I can't wait to see some pictures of your new cabin!

Kent Island Red said...

Hi Kathy,
VERY pretty! I always admired people who were talented enough to work with their hands. Enjoy your day!

clairz said...

Love those colors!

sawn61 said...

Those of us who can crochet are so lucky. So many folks are bored to tears during the winter months when they can't get out. I keep my crochet thread and needles in my bag that goes with me everywhere I go. I am one of those folks who has to be doing something every minute.I crochet.Love your varigated Granny Square.