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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's in a name . . .

Meet the new member of my family - The Toyota Pickup Truck

I have yet to name her - and need some assistance in that department
I posted my Toyota Echo on Craigslist very early last Friday
morning. And by 8 a.m. I'd received my first call from someone
wanting to buy her. Then, by 11 a.m. had recieved 4 or 5
more calls. By noon, the first caller took her for a drive
and to her mechanic, had come back and offered to buy her.
I then contacted the seller of this truck to see if they were still
interested in selling at the price we had talked about, and they were.
I went to Harrodsburg KY to pick her up on Monday, and though her
body is not in that great of shape, she runs like a top for a
gal that is 16 yrs old. Her former owner called her Red,
but I need something more substantial than that.
Any ideas? All submissions will be taken into consideration.
Now I feel like a farm-gal. More news to come on my
move to the country after this Saturday afternoon.
Take care Ya'll, and have a blessed Tuesday.


affectioknit said...

Congratulations on the new truck! We name all of our vehicles - and currently have 'Mopal' named by Scout and 'Big Red' the Man's truck - I'm partial to names ending in -ie - 'Nellie', 'Bessie', 'Sadie', 'Molly'...

Dog Trot Farm said...

Yea, you are one step closer to becoming a farm girl! I would name that baby RUBY....

sawn61 said...

We have a large red tractor that we call 'Ole Rose'. I painted her name on her 32 years ago and it's still there.I hear it's a Redneck thing, to name your vehicle, but isn't it grand being a Redneck.We do a lot of fun things like that.To all the nonrednecks,"Eat your heart out."

Anonymous said...


Kathy in KY said...

Oh - it's gonna be difficult to choose a name with the great suggestions here! I love the name Scout - from To Kill a Mockingbird - and one of my cats that has now passed was named Scout. And I like the names Ruby and Rose. I didn't know it was a red-neck thing to name your vehicle - you're right Sawn, they can go suck an egg - and eat their hearts out!! LOL Thanks for all of the comments, Ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love the name suggested on the comments section....RUBY!
Love n Hugs,

Farmchick said...

I have a vehicle named Ruby, so I am partial to that name! Can't wait to hear more about your move to the country.

Terry said...

My old Dodge Dakota was named "Red Rider" she was a 5 speed dandy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,
I love your new truck.
I know you are so excited about moving to the country. I am wishing you all the luck with it.

I think Country Rose would be a good name. But like you, I have always loved Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird(one of my favorite books and movies).

Good luck with everything.
Have a great day.

Linda said...

Hey, just came over from Pam's 'Life on a Southern Farm'. A girl needs a truck and a truck needs a name for sure! How about Sonya?...Red Sonya!

Rural Revival said...

Congrats Kathy! She's a beauty! I wonder if my husband would mind if I traded in for a pickup, never thought of that before!

I like all those names. Cinnamon Girl popped into my head but I'm kind of particular to Ruby and Scout! Good Luck!

Be well ~Andrea~

Rural Rambler said...

Good Sunday Morning Kathy! I came here by way of Julie's blog and I love this post! I have been meaning to visit for awhile and this is a fun post to comment on. Both our vehicles have names and we always name our vehicles. CH's lawn tractor is Cubby, my vehicle is HiHo and our work horse vehicle is simply "Ford". "Are we takin Ford today CH, he needs gas."

Love your red pick me up and I belive she has a feminine nature about her. I'd have to call her Margaret. I am going to do some reading here :)

Rural Rambler said...

Acccck! I hadn't read your newest post when I suggested Margaret! Ruby fits her well and a huge congratulations on your move to being country now, not only in your heart but to your cabin in Casey County!