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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Anticipation - is making me wait . . .

Hi, my name is Kathy, and I am a Dominosoholic.
 Living in town has some advantages, like pizza delivery.
 Last night I was getting my fix, when the pizza delivery gal came
and let something into the apartment. I forgot about it until this morning,
when I saw the cats doing this -

Annie and Pookie - looking at this -

A moth - let in from the hallway by the Dominos Pizza delivery gal

Annie, who has moved to the other side of the couch to get a better look

And Alpheus, taking in all of the action, and
at the same time reminding
me of my addiction

One thing I will love about moving to the country is not being
tempted to order any more pizza delivery - as the saying goes,
A Moment on the Lips, A Lifetime on the Hips

Have a wonderful and blessed Tuesday Ya'll,
from KY


Jennifer said...

Cute... moths are apart of our life now that we live in the country, lol.

Anonymous said...

The moth sure is getting the attention!
No pizza delivery way out here. I love pizza too and I know I would order every chance if it was available.
Peas and cornbread for my husband...hmm that may be a new business. Peas and cornbread delivered to your door! lol...

Have a great day.

sawn61 said...

My 2 cats were doing the same thing last night while we watched TV, only it was a wasp.I hate wasps.I was so thankful they let me know it was up there over me,so I could eliminate it, pronto.

affectioknit said...

Fun story! I hope they don't let in any mosquitoes...

Aliene said...

There definitely is an advantage living in the country. We don't live far out but sure like the room.
Have a good week.

Aliene said...

Love the country. Just stopping by for the first time. have a good week.

Marigold said...

"A Moment on the Lips, A Lifetime on the Hips". I've been trying to tell Boo this very thing. Do you think she listens???

Farmchick said...

Well, we don't have pizza delivery, but we do have a plentiful bug population. And, they are big!

Sandra said...

They don't deliver in rural areas...grin! I haven't had delivered pizza in decades.