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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sheep and Goat Day at Kathy's Musings

The photos in this posting are from the following websites - except for the photos of the 3 books.

This is one goat beard that would make even Watson over at Goat Philosophy 101 green with envy.You can check out Watson's beard at April-confoolcius

Here is the first book I read about goats by Margaret Hathaway, and photos by Karl Schatz. I read it a year or two ago, and just revisited it last month. They spend a year and 40,000 miles traveling the US in search of the best goat cheese, and investigating goat farms, ranches, and events to see if they will follow their dream of raising goats. Margaret and Karl's website and blog can be found here: Ten Apple Farm and if you want to follow Margaret and Karl on Facebook, you can do that here Ten Apple Farm on Facebook During the month of May if you "Like" their page, you have a chance of winning some giveaways.

Here is Margaret and Karl's second book chronicling their first few years of raising Alpine dairy goats in Maine. I won this book while listening to The Sheep and Goat Radio Hour I think I was the only one listening and submitted my name by email to win a copy of the book. I mean, who else is going to spend time listening to an online radio show on a Thursday at noon about sheep and goat fencing? I ask you!? The radio show is hosted by Ray Bowman who heads up the KY Sheep and Goat Development Office in Frankfort KY.

I just got a kick out of this photo - those woolly heads and faces -- too much! LOL

Here is a book in the same vein as Margaret and Karl's Living with Goats book. The "Living with" books are in a series published by The Lyons Press. The author here is Chuck Wooster, and photos are taken by Geoff Hansen. I enjoyed this book because it goes into more detail than many basic books, is very practical, but also it is not too technical or "scary" for those of use who want to raise sheep.

Well, this is it for the Sheep and Goat Day at Kathy's Musings. Now I'm going to have to hunt on the Internet for more pix, I'm using up all of the ones I've found so far. Take care all.


Marigold said...

I wish to have a beard. I have beard envy.

ga.farmwoman said...

The goat pictures are too cute.
I would love to try and make goat cheese soon. Another thing to add to my "I wanna do" list.

Have a great weekend.