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I am a country girl stuck in the city, for the time-being. I enjoy the country way of life, and practice that in my home as best I can by canning and preserving foods, cooking and baking from scratch, crocheting, living vicariously thru the many blogs I follow about country life. I enjoy learning about raising livestock, and glean from my past employment and personal experiences of working with animals to fuel some of my postings. I have 5 cats, who keep my life interesting. And I am also an amateur poet. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this Farmer-gal who is caught in town, for now.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Poem To Share - Nelsonville Dust Bowl

Nelsonville Dust Bowl
The day began early—
running, winded, walking,
I saw great dust balls roll
along the tree line,
heaving translucent spheres
round with the smell
of plowed earth,
illuminated orbs.

The prairie swelled
in my mind,
rising and falling
with each gust.

Cars continued on their way,
headlights mixing with the trees.
I stood still.

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